Alan Sierra
Cuentos sibilinos (Sibyllline Tales) (2021)
Printed in Offset, 500 copies
Hand Painted Signs

I wanted to illustrate and publish the complete works of Leticia Espriella, a recently deceased author whose work is scattered among blogs, literary magazines and hard-to-find editions.
     I proofread the texts I found and I also drew illustrations of them. I worked with a team to make a print that could be folded and cutted to become the first sixteen pages of a potential book.
    For me, the relevance of Espriella’s ouvre is not only based on her literary quality. Besides writing short stories of fiction and poetic prose, the author also studied the work of Inés Arredondo, –another short story writer who could also be given the adjective of regional– and gave literature classes at different highschools, including the one I studied in.
    I think about this project as an opportunity to read her again and create memory mechanisms that allow others to access her work, but also because I consider is relevant to make explicit citations of my influences and to recognize the role of a figure –like the humanities professor– can have in society and in the construction of imagination.

© Alan Sierra